A few months ago, my sister came up with an amazing idea for a business and I was immediately on board. I jumped in right away and for the past 5 months I've been working to get it up and running. I still think it's a great idea and I want to continue with it, however, I'm concerned because my sister and I are very different and have different goals career-wise. I'm afraid to attach myself to her too much and abandon my career path and what I want to do, even though I'm really passionate about this business. My sister is a nurse and she does not like it at all. She sees herself completely leaving the nursing field and doing this business 100%. I however, like my career and I want to do both. I'm 24 and my sister is 31. We are at different stages in our lives. I still want to have my own professional identity. What should I do?

I will not suggest you abandon your sister in the middle of the corporate ocean, as entrepreneurship is not a bad idea, but determine first that is the career suitable for women? If you find it is not choosing your own career path as there is no point in wasting time here.
1. Entrepreneurship
For women who want a chance to do what they really love doing, who have always dreamed of starting their own business, entrepreneurship could be the perfect career. This would give you the flexibility to allocate time to your business and family as needed. This is also one of the biggest challenges you will ever take up in your life as every decision will rest on your shoulders.

2. IT
With IT companies starting up and mushrooming rapidly, it's little wonder that this field has become so popular among women. Young women can take up a career in the IT sector after earning a certificate or bachelor's degree in an applicable field, like computer science, informational technology, and cyber security.

3. Medicine
Whether you choose to be a pharmacist, a surgeon, or a nurse, a career in the medical field provides women with the ability to achieve career success and wealth. Plus, there's good job security.

4. Teaching
Teaching has always been considered one of the most women-friendly careers as it allows women to spend sufficient time with their families, de-stress, go on vacations, and balance home and work.

5. Human Resources
This field is perfect for women who have a penchant for working in the corporate world and interacting with people to solve organizational issues.

6. Psychology
A career in this field allows you to help those struggling to overcome many different personal and family problems.

7. Interior Design
A career in interior design is a great option for women who are creative, organized, and detail-oriented, who do not want a boring office job. As you develop your career as an interior designer, you also gain the flexibility to pick your clients and appointments and get paid immensely well.

8. Media
For women who are creative, good at communication, and love research, media is the place to be. Women today can achieve it all, from financial independence to a family, and from a progressive career to a great personal and social life.
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Answered 10 months ago

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