I'm currently looking for a few new co-founders since my original co-founder left because of personal issues. What traits should I look for, aside from what they can bring to the table? What questions should I ask when meeting with them? What warning signs should I look out for? I'm looking into to set up meetings as well as attending group events from such as 1 Million Cups and Startup Grind.

The main thing to do when looking for a co-founder is to stop looking for a co-founder.


Think about "what skills am I lacking to complete this business on my own."

Then, look for local groups that can help you to get that, whether it be a "boot camp" for coding, Some marketing seminars, something.

Your next step is to actually go out and do that thing.
While doing it, talk to people. Make friends.

Eventually (not right away), you will find someone you really click with, and you will talk to them about your idea, and they will be so fired up they will join you.

Answered 6 years ago

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