I'm building a database to sell information on employment contracts and comparisons (terms typically found, what they mean, analytics on what percentage of people have them, etc) and am trying to figure out my pricing strategy. Users submit their information to get our information (similar to Glassdoor), so volume is important early on to continue building up the database. I've always read that 3 pricing options is the way to go - Low, Medium and High. What are the pros and cons of a transactional (one time) model versus a subscription model? How do you price this out if you offer both?

After all these extensive answers, some other points to consider in brief if your product is B2B:

1- What is the the customers budgeting approach & limits regarding OPEX vs. CAPEX
2- Do they favor discount or installed payment?

Last but not least, you can always promote the way you prefer in a strategic way via comparison manner.. However, this is easy to say, hard to execute..

Answered 8 years ago

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