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I advise Startups and CEOs on their Communication strategy, and part of the strategy involves teams and leadership.

I do understand your challenge, but fear not, there is always a solution!

Try another approach: what is your 'ideal' co-founder?
What do they look like? Picture them, quite literally!

1. Draw up a rough bio for them -
a. experience (in years and type)
b. personality traits (risk taker or risk averse, creative or aggregative...) and
c. what yin-yang relationship you'd like with them.

Remember - your co-founder fills your gaps. If you are the 'idea man', they are the business person, or vice versa.

Once you have a rough idea, try your social networks - LinkedIN has been a good friend to me in this. Invest in their premium account(s) if not already the case, this will show you a lot more than publicly available.

Finally, take a gander on discussion boards in LinkedIN, and others that talk about the space your startup belongs in, e.g. Mobile, SaaS, HR Tech, Hardware and so on.

Am more than happy to give you a questionnaire or detailed steps to figure out your best 'match'. Let's talk!

Answered 6 years ago

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