I have a fully patented product that I believe could be of interest to a big infrastructure builder like GE, bombardier, UTC etc. There are tons of articles on how to sell small trinkets but this idea is much larger. I have already had an offer to be bought out by an IP company, but I think I can get a better deal where I still own the patent. How would you start in on getting a product licensed by one of these companies? Due to the nature of the project time is of the essence! Thanks so much!

Even though it seems may seem obvious that your product should be desirable to one of those companies, it usually needs to fit very well into one of their long-term strategic roadmaps. Learning whether that's the case and at which company take a lot of digging and you need inside info that can only come from talking to someone already at one of the companies or that recently left. That's where I would start -- speak with as many of those contacts as you can and zero in on the right target -- then build as many warm intros as possible at the target.

Answered 5 years ago

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