I am absolutely certain that this is possible. The question is how much time are you willing to invest. For less than 100$ you will get a basic website setup for example. From there you can do pretty much anything. If you want to produce an info product, you can do that by recording yourself with your built in camera of your laptop. There is no real reason holding you back. And the money certainly is not the problem.

But it's all about motivation and actually sitting down and doing the work. And that's where I speak from personal experience. We often know all the ways. But we don't execute. Registering a website is easy. Actually putting content there and reaching out to others to share it. That's the scary part.

If I had to start from the ground up:

- register a domain
- build a blog in your niche
- develop an info product right form the start
- offer services related to the niche as well
- build a Facebook community with people who are interested in your niche
- do some kind of live interactive stuff (Facebook Live Streams in the Group, Page or do Webinars)

This process would cost you much less than 1k. Marketing the whole thing with Facebook is the place where I would spend the money once I have a product.

If you want to discuss this furhter, we can schedule a call and develop a plan or product for you. I have experience in developing ideas and product road maps. It's a field that is so much fun and a great place for brainstorming.

Cheers and enjoy the journey.

Answered 3 years ago

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