I run a small I.T. consultancy. We need to create a formal management structure for our projects, which are always small (one day up to a few weeks in duration). We don't need a full-time project manager, nor do we need a full-blown PMBOK methodology as might befit larger projects. What we need is a solid structure that someone can follow a couple hours a day to keep things on track and stay in communication with our clients throughout. I'm considering hiring a project management consultant to help design our workflow. Since project management is not my personal strength, I'm not sure where to start. What do you suggest?

Make sure your employees use common terminology and documentation is template based.

List tasks and milestones that are either common to all projects or common to most projects.

Assign a role to each task.

Note dependencies and hand offs for each task.

Save this list as your work breakdown structure WBS template.

Create list of corresponding associated risks with columns to identify impact of risk, probability of risk, and response.

Save this as risk management template.

When your team starts a new project, create project specific documentation from your WBS and risk management templates.

Adjust as needed, including adding planned start and end dates, new tasks, etc.

Answered 4 years ago

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