I am seasoned in writing software and product design. I know healthcare is a very promising field but I don't have good knowledge of the industry. Some similar consumer wearables in healthcare would be the fit bit, a glucose meter or a heart rate monitor.

As a physician and insurance company executive, I often see various medical devices come across my desk which are solutions looking for a problem. For example, I evaluated a device which can measure the level of carbon dioxide in the blood noninvasively using a novel technology based on light waves. Sounds interesting, but what problem does this solve, who wants this device and what is the market? Millions went into creating the device, but now the creators are scrambling to try to come up with a clinical study to demonstrate its value in managing a condition and improving outcomes.

My advice to avoid this type of situation is to employ the process of design thinking which starts with empathy and trying to truly understand the problems your clients are wrestling with. In this case, it could be a specific type a physician specialty you target. Have conversations with physicians about what challenges they face on a routine basis or what keeps them up at night. Define a very specific problem which affects a large number of physicians and in turn their patients. Then think of a solution to the problem which is based on a portable healthcare device. I would start with physician you already know and learn about their challenges.

Answered 3 years ago

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