The app in question is a consumer-facing app that allows businesses in the hospitality space to sell their products more quickly through an additional sales channel. It has been going for over 2 years and has 10,000+ active users. It is also strong in Google search and has a strong social media base. We have the new brand name and full branding guidelines. We are now looking for advise on a timeline for when things should be done and also on the pitfalls we should watch out for.

Ah the App Market -

There are a few pitfalls too watch out for. Especially because rebranding an app can have a lot of issues - You will most likely lose your search results, and unless you do this properly you will lose most of your active users, and ill be basically starting from scratch.

I have re branded, reskined, and rebuilt hundreds of apps - Specifically Network Booster Pro had 1million+ downloads and we completely updated and rebranded - which was close to starting from scratch.

If you like i can provide you more advice with all your options and the best way for you to make this move with the least amount of problems.

Answered 5 years ago

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