The app in question is a consumer-facing app that allows businesses in the hospitality space to sell their products more quickly through an additional sales channel. It has been going for over 2 years and has 10,000+ active users. It is also strong in Google search and has a strong social media base. We have the new brand name and full branding guidelines. We are now looking for advise on a timeline for when things should be done and also on the pitfalls we should watch out for.

Your strategy should encompass at least four components:

(A) Complete Visual/verbal/social/technical audit to find/create needed assets for transition: know which assets need to be retired or replaced and what transitional assets are needed to bridge the gap. Prioritize: not everything always needs to change at once and the more you have the longer it will take or cost. Plan to convert brand book concepts/guidelines into tangible or digital deployables: how much "stuff" do you need?; vendor selection; budgeting; designing production files; ordering; quality assurance etc...

(B) Internal (team) awareness & asset deployment program and monitoring compliance.

(C) External publicity plan: aimed at existing clients & prospects, and any other stakeholders: social networks, media, affiliate partners, etc... Timing should be coordinated with industry / sector calendar (trade shows, if applicable), and major app update for maximum effectiveness. Do you need specialized short term PR/AD help? How can you leverage your 10K+ users to buy in / get the word out?

(D) Technical migration & Monitoring Plan: seo strategy & tracking including all affected url redirects, landing pages, email changes, whatever is affected. Monitoring & analytics to see how effective the transition is (compared to old name stats) and when transitional assets can be retired.

Answered 6 years ago

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