Growing coworking operator in Brazil, helping them raise money in the US to expand operations in brazil and here. What's the best way to approach this

If you have an existing space, why not consider leveraging the current tenants for part of the money needed?
Spend some money (tenants can pitch in for that instead) in a fundraising party! Invite local band, caterer (ask for discount in exchange of promotion) have some context for the event such as idea pitching, or brownbag, etc... as the main entertainment... sell tickets for that event. Might not give you all you need but will help get there. _ aim for double what you spend at a minimum!


Get in the news and ask for community support.

Get infront of the local development offices ans ask for grants (this is common) as it helps development.

These are just some ideas. best of luck

Answered 9 years ago

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