I had a meeting 2 weeks ago with a larger company who are interested in forming either a partnership or merger with my company. The meeting went very well, and I followed up promptly after the meeting thanking those that were involved for there time. I know that arrived in their respective countries just over a week ago. I have not heard back regarding the decision to move forward or not. I am unclear on when or if I should reach out to them. It could be that they are formulating some plan or decisions or an offer who knows. I am trying to keep the anxiousness in check. Thoughts?

Definitely time to start pushing them for the next meeting. There are a few tactical you could use but next time, remember to always set up the next meeting before you leave and push the people you are meeting with you to put the next meeting in their calendars. If you're working with C-level people, go and chat with their assistants which might also be your play here. See if you can connect with their assistants to get 15 minutes for a status update call with your decision makers.

Answered 6 years ago

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