i want some help on shop page my product is showing like this how to show my product like this 1. how to show product price bottom of image to show coupon bottom of product image 3. how to marge two image like my company logo should be show just above product image here "pepperfry" is company logo which is showing just above product image 4. how to put these two image , coupon , name, price in one box like there should be some one outline (box) all these things. 5. some image have different height , how to make all image same image in product image

Hi! I'm not sure this is the best forum for you to do this. Try or Twitter for direct questions to other programmers. Maybe even reddit.

If you would like my team and I do web dev as well and can definitely do this for your products.
Get in touch if you are interested. Otherwise best of luck, and try those site.

Answered 7 years ago

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