Im the 8th employee,They are already doing fine in cash,1.5 years old, but i dont think getting equity is an option for me. Or maybe we havent just talk about it yet. And they are putting it on me to offer them a price. I will appreciate if somebody helps me out a little.

1. Figure out your current 'market rate' based on your brand, experience ..etc using tools such as, your current salary, references (similar professionals nearby).

2. Ignoring salary, think about what this job can do to your career - get to work with / build relationships with great people? dig deeper into a domain you care about? learn a new technology? ..etc. In other words, how will working for a few years at this company help your overall career goals 5 years down the road?

3. Think about what value you will add to the company - i.e what are you good at? what special advantages do you have (relationships in the domain, access to people that can open doors ..etc), realistically how you can move the needle in next 1,2,3 years.

4. Look at their situation - are they funded? how much raised? how big is the market? did they find market fit? what is the expected growth and revenue in next 1,2,3 years?

5. Now given #1, #3, and #4 and keeping in mind #2 come up with a realistic number for salary and equity.

Here's a good read:

Answered 6 years ago

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