I'm interested in a consulting session if you can help me out with my home decor business. This is my FB page: We make home decor out of horseshoes, and our target audience is people who love horses. This is my Etsy Store where we sell all the decor: I'm working on getting this website built: So we can use Facebook's retargeting and send ads to people who have looked at our items. We just created our store and FB page about a month ago and we're already making 1-2 sales/week. The goal is to make 1 sale a day by August 19. Currently our strategy has been to: 1. Get FB fans using FB ads 2. Send traffic to our items by posting them on our FB page, and to FB groups that we are part of. The next step of the plan is to get my website created and all the visitors pixeled. Then remarket to people who have visited our website. I also want to create an opt-in page where we give away weekly coupons, special deals and such to capture leads. Am I on the right track? If you have any suggestions on how to improve our game plan I would love to talk.

Check out

And their Shark Tank appearance starting around 18:20:

The Shark Tank discussion will surprise you and show you what I'm leading you towards for a marketing strategy. How they interact with their customers is how you could be interacting with yours.

And though they are far ahead of most of us for consumer goods sales, check out their target investment for their new website. Your jaw will probably drop.

When I saw the episode, my reaction was, "Ho hum"--right up to the moment she shared her sales total.

Observe how their new website works. Wait to see the popup. Sign up so you can see how they market to their list. Copy what you learn from their expensive experience.

Answered 6 years ago

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