The app is GRADLIKE, for college students. I had thousands of flyers handed out on campuses hoping for .25% or so returns, but nothing came of that. I've been advised to rewrite the app store description with new keywords, but I'm hoping for some advice on what can really work before I take next steps.

Checked out your app. Stop spending on marketing before you fix these things:

1. App name - Add some keywords to the name. E.g:
GRADLIKE - Advice for college students

2. App screenshots - First two screenshots are not good. Why would you promote that it's a pain to register for the app and you have to enter email and Facebook. This is part of onboard that users hate and you are putting it front and centre! Also, I'd strongly recommend not having the splash screen as a screenshot. Again this doesn't communicate value from the app.

3. Description - worry about this last. There's no evidence tha the description has any effect on ranking in the store and very few people read it.

I think the key problem here is messaging. You are not answering the question: "Why would I want to download this app?".

Answered 5 years ago

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