Joseph has a very good answer. In my opinion there are two kinds of entrepreneurs: the technical and the non-technical. The technical entrepreneurs know how to code and bring to the table the ability to create amazing things, build websites, design, and all the other things a tech entrepreneur should know.

Then, there's the non-technical. This type of entrepreneur has to have a special ability to go out there and connect the dots. They use their skills in sales, biz dev, and marketing to gather the resources and people they need to create amazing business'. Basically, where the non-technical entrepreneur lacks skills, the technical entrepreneur has a wealth of knowledge in (and vice versa).

However, both types should have entry level knowledge on programing.

I help young minds become entrepreneurs by coaching them on taking actionable "next steps" to start businesses using their own ideas. Please let me know if you want any help, and I will gladly help you out.

My best,

Answered 5 years ago

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