So do it.

As consultants, it is incredibly easy to work remotely with modern technology.

What do you see holding you back?

To attract new prospects, you can have a website and publish authoritative content targeting your ideal customer base.

For lead generation, you can host webinars or online courses, or have downloadable whitepapers.

For ongoing consulting, you can use teleconferencing or the phone.

For document management, you can use Dropbox or Google Drive.

For project management, you can use Podio or the like.

For invoicing, you can use Freshbooks.

Those are all services that are location-independent. Your client would never know where you were physically, but that doesn't matter when you are selling your expertise as a service provided.

I've bene operating a consultancy for over 16 years; very little has been hindered by working remotely. Heck, I was on a cruise ship a few weeks ago working. No one knew any differently.

I'm happy to talk more, book a call and we can address any specific concern you have or I can share more about how I've done it.

To your success,

Answered 7 years ago

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