I'm a successful businessman looking to expand into some "passive income" business. I've read numerous books about selling on Amazon, all claiming that it's easy to do. Just buy products from a firm and "rebrand" it. The question is - is it that easy to find the right product to sell? What else is there to know beside writing the right product description, giving great customer service, and Amazon SEO?

Business is never really passive, however you can create a very systemized and predictable income from Amazon.

You could put your mark on an unbranded item, there are plenty of people teaching that "me too" strategy. Its less work in the long run if you (A) create a market based business, then (B) meet the customer's missed expectations, and (C) start with domestic suppliers.

You've already been successful in other business ventures, so you have a better than fair shot at this model. Just like the other gurus here, we have some free resources:

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Answered 5 years ago

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