I'm a successful businessman looking to expand into some "passive income" business. I've read numerous books about selling on Amazon, all claiming that it's easy to do. Just buy products from a firm and "rebrand" it. The question is - is it that easy to find the right product to sell? What else is there to know beside writing the right product description, giving great customer service, and Amazon SEO?

Compared to other business ideas, yes it is easy but it's not 'push-button' as many experts would have you believe (as they pitch you their $5,000+ training/services to help you). Selling products on Amazon is a business and the more you treat it like 'your baby', the much higher chance you will have with success.

Also buying products in bulk and rebranding them (this is called 'private label' or 'white label') is just one of 25+ ways to get products to resell on Amazon.

For more free information than you'll ever need to get started, check out my resources page at: (especially near the top under 'Amazon - Free Beginner Help'. Also (if you're interested in a high-quality, low price course to help you along), check out my free review guides/comparison charts of the world's best Amazon seller training at: and .... Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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