I'm a successful businessman looking to expand into some "passive income" business. I've read numerous books about selling on Amazon, all claiming that it's easy to do. Just buy products from a firm and "rebrand" it. The question is - is it that easy to find the right product to sell? What else is there to know beside writing the right product description, giving great customer service, and Amazon SEO?

Hi, I've driven an Amazon / eBay business to $4.5 million in annual sales. The short answer is - "No, it's not easy", if it was, everybody would be doing 6 digits revenues on Amazon.

Here is an example for one of the obstacles:
It's important to understand that there is a glass ceiling to what you can do on Amazon (selling someone else's brands), if your'e doing well, Amazon will quickly notice you and start stocking and selling the product line themselves. They control all the verticals: Logistics, payments, SEO and have a tremendous buying power.

One of the possible ways to overcome the above is to create and market your own brand (OEM manufacturing being one of the possibilities), in this scenario - if your'e doing well enough, Amazon will actually approach you to purchase your products in bulk.

Answered 5 years ago

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