Hi everyone, we are a rapidly growing startup in the Content Marketing space. We are using a number of tools to ensure we can do everything our clients need in this space i.e. - Content Management - - Content Measurement - But would like to pull this all together in one simple tool/project management system (built seperately) with a single login. As such looking for advice as to whether the above is possible with APIs? To understand how integrated we can make all these tools look/feel? And to get an idea as to how hard it will be to make this happen? Thanks in advance!

While you are considering bringing all the Content Marketing & Measurement features and capabilities together with Project Managment ( I am
assuming some type of cohesive management Dashboard with combined analytics ?), you might want to consider the following:

- the integrated product should not make it a challenging user experience overall
- is this something the customer/client needs, do you have relevant feedback to validate such a move ?
- what might be the benefits to the platform & users by such a change

It is hard to comment regarding APIs without more context on your goals. I have leveraged publicly available connectors & API modules to connect CRM, marketing automation and payment functions successfully.

Happy to discuss further over a call and address your questions

Answered 7 years ago

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