Should we: A) Hire 1 Bookkeeper Expert (15 hrs) + 1 Admin (30 hrs) B) Hire someone with all skills. (admin, bookkeeping, etc). 40+ hrs. Any suggestions and/or best practices? Going Rates?

Personal preference - Benefit of A is person is it is in house/onsite and can deal flex issues also is priced like a FTE which most entrepreneurs find easy to get their head around - Benefit of B is that you get the direct skill set you want if you hire the positions separately which can be important in bookkeeping and HR especially - as to price depends on your market on salary our AcuityComplete website has pricing published online to sanity check your bookkeeping costs HR outsourcing costs (TriNEt or Insperity) ~$125-150/FTE per month - Am an advocate of specialization - best of luck

Answered 5 years ago

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