I have a trade specific LinkedIn Group with over 15,000 members. I own the group. I am a business consultant whose niche is in working with this trade. I am interested in offering seminars to the members on business systemization. The demographics of the group are perfect for the seminar and I can run the seminar live in different cities, really anywhere in the world there is enough interest (15 people minimum) I do not want to do a webinar as part of the benefit from the seminar is the experience of meeting face to face with peers in their industry. In the past I have offered the seminar for 2 days and 3 days. I set up a webpage and posted links to the site with information about the seminar and got very little response. How do I foster more of a community in the group and establish my company as a go to resource for this type of consulting work in the hopes of drumming up more interest in the Seminar?

I like the idea of asking questions to the group to help them identify potential challenges that are both relevant to the issue area of the group and could be addressed by your seminars. From there you may be able to facilitate a consensus building approach within the group towards effective problem solving addressed by your seminar. Perhaps making the problem solving being about getting everyone together in one room to address the shared challenge rather than it be a 'salesy' seminar pitch is best. That way there's ownership among the group to help develop specifics of the seminar content and you are positioned to be the convener. Happy to discuss further if interested.

Answered 5 years ago

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