I am a web designer who was tasked with redesigning a website that sheet music, The new website has been live for about 3 months but the bounce rate is still very high. I've compared the website with other similar websites, but can't figure out why the bounce rate is so high.

Hi, I'm Tommy and I'm a music educator myself. Since your website is for a specific audience, two things pop in mind:

- Do you attract the right audience?
- Do you have educational material in your website?

Attracting the wrong audience is where everything will go wrong. In terms of educational material, do you have something complimentary, so visitors can search deeper in your site for information regarding piano sheets, how they're used today, their history, interviews with active musicians today, and so on?

Your product (piano sheet music) is one thing, the 'hook' that makes people stay around is another thing. Let me know if I could help.

Positive energy and love,
// Tommy

Answered 5 years ago

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