We launched our MVP this year, gotten around 200 users in 4 months. We average around 10 sign ups a week without any paid marketing. Our struggle right now is getting more users in and turning them into paid, before we our runway is up, which is really soon. We are in a really competitive industry, with lots of noise so getting the message out has been a challenge.

If you have experienced growth, you feel like you're solving a real problem, and your main challenge is a marketing funnel...

You're not alone =) Awareness is a huge problem for just about every startup. Unfortunately, the only answer the Lean Startup movement has to offer is kind of, "Build it, and they will come" which doesn't work for most companies. Hence the emergence of "growth hacking."

So, before pivoting, definitely test a few marketing strategies and try and get a general understanding of your cost-per-user. It takes time to optimize that number, but I would definitely try understanding the cost and difficulty/ease of acquiring users before ditching a potentially successful idea!

Answered 7 years ago

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