We launched our MVP this year, gotten around 200 users in 4 months. We average around 10 sign ups a week without any paid marketing. Our struggle right now is getting more users in and turning them into paid, before we our runway is up, which is really soon. We are in a really competitive industry, with lots of noise so getting the message out has been a challenge.

The only reason you would pivot is if you have made the determination that the current course will not provide you with the best possible return.

Until you have spent some money and time on marketing I don't know how you can make the determination.

If you are getting revenue without doing any marketing it seems like there is good potential there.

I guess the bottom line is: don't ditch the current plan if you have not given it a chance to succeed.

I would try and find some additional financing so that you can make this determination.

Answered 7 years ago

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