Online Contract Negotiation. (sorry, landing page needs work). We are in a Microsoft incubator in Seattle. This idea came out of a I-Banker needing to solve his own problem and selling the solution to his own firm. We think the ideal market has these characteristics: 1) lots of transactions that require a contract for money to change hands 2) need to negotiate contracts often 3) lots of counter party risk/ downside risk We think that means: Real estate (commercial, residential, bank owned) Finance (hedge funds, private equity, I-banks) Lawyers (general counsel) Procurement, Import/Export

Add service agencies (Marketing, Creative/Branding, etc) and B2B sales teams across the board. Starting list looks good. I would suggest the highest value (and level of competition) would be in legal, finance, and general B2B sales.

Answered 5 years ago

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