Based on your own experience, what worked the best for you in terms of advertising, email marketing, growth strategy, SEO, PR, blogging, etc. methods that really had the most impact on increasing your website customer base?

I hate to be "that guy," but I'm gonna say, "it depends." What I mean by this is it is highly subjective to the market you are in and the target you're going after.

However, with that being said, let me share a few of my favorite growth-hacky-type ideas that you might want to consider using to grow your customer base:

#1 - Produce a TON of content. Make it valuable, and don't cut corners. Then, promote it to your existing tribes. If you don't already have a tribe, see the bullet #2.

#2 - Build a tribe. Get started at a place like where you can connect your social profiles and your blog and share with likeminded folks. It takes time to get going, but you'll thank me for it later.

#3 - Test every aspect of your landing pages. Use something like Unbounce (my favorite) to strip down every element of your pages and split test constantly. Get used to the fact that your landing pages are NEVER complete. They can always be improved.

#4 - Build an email list from your blog traffic by using "content upgrades" or "lead magnets." Search Google for the specifics, but basically, you create free content that is related to each post on your blog that the reader can download in return for subscribing to your newsletter. It works like a charm!

Let me know if you want me to go into further detail on any of this stuff.

Answered 5 years ago

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