I'm about to close a deal with a multimillion company for a software solution which will cut cost and make their operation safer. The company entity I'm dealing with wants us and know that my company is the right choice for this particular service. Also worth mentioning is that my company will own the software and sell it as a complete "product/service" to my client once the software is completed. But they said they can't sign a deal with such a small company. So what I think I need to do is to "team up" with a bigger company and let them have a contract with my client for "distributing" my software solution. ( big company is basically doing nothing.) I know this software will help a whole business branch and have ambitions to sell the same product worldwide and keep developing it. But I'm afraid that I will not be able to build and sell this software product/service on my own terms (I.e not move fast and crush expectations) if I'm playing my cards the wrong at this moment. Any thoughts, experiences or ideas? This can be a big leap for my tiny company and I so badly want to get a foot in the door! Thanks for reading!

Find out what about your company structure is giving them concerns. Is it your business type? Do you not have enough insurance? Are they asking to look at your financials? Its not uncommon, in big partnership cases that hinge on the balance sheet, to have an angel provide a short-term investment to shore everything up (although ideally that will happen before you share the data with your prospective partner) - I know that I've done that before.

If people at the other company really want the deal to happen, it will happen. If you're unsure to exactly what the blocker is, your best bet is probably to ask whoever your internal advocate is directly. Without that information you're likely to spend a lot of effort in solving the wrong problem.

Answered 5 years ago

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