I'm not trained to do this myself, and I don't have the time. I want to pay a commission to someone to do it for me. Let's assume I'm right that this is a great product that will sell. How do I find, and vet, a legitimate marketing company or expert who will pursue this?

To start - congratulations on actually creating a product. Many people have "great ideas" but not many put the effort in to manifest those ideas.

What it sounds like you have discovered is that having a product (even a great one) is only one piece of having a successful business.

If you aren't making sales - and doing do profitably - then you definitely do not have a business.

Here are some suggestions:

1. If you are literally unable to learn to market and or execute a marketing system - then you may have to re-consider your statement "I want to pay a commission to someone to do it for me".

The reason I say that is you are possibly overvaluing your product. And by that I don't mean the value of the product to the market place... I mean the value of it to YOU.

Sure - you created it. And likely you are excited by it and passionate about it. But until and unless you can sell it - all you have is a finished product in your own hands. That's definitely something to feel good about.

Unfortunately how you feel about it means nothing with regards to making money. What matters is how a person who will give you money for it feels.

What effective marketing does in a sound business model is connect that buyer with your product in a way whereby they give you money for it and you make a profit. And it does that over and over again.

If you are still with me... If I haven't pissed you off (and I certainly don't mean to) - then perhaps you will consider these options:

(a) Find someone already successfully selling to your marketplace and make them an irresistible offer. Offer them the chance to sell your product to their customers and give them a huge portion of the profits. You'll have to do the math to see if this makes sense.

(b) Find someone who loves your product AND knows how to market and give them the huge portion of the profits to market it for you.

2. Make the time to learn how to market. It's one of the KEYS to success in business. All business. And therefore it's an invaluable skill. Once you learn how to market you can not only sell your own products (and design them better so the marketplace comes to you to buy them) but you are in a position to be the person others come to for help in marketing THEIR products... Then YOU become the person who gets the huge portion of profits.

Lastly - regarding vetting a company or expert - my advice is: Put them in a position to (1) make most of the money if (2) they can prove their ability to sell your product. If they reject your offer and require a big up-front fee - run like hell.

If these suggestions make sense - let's set up a call to discuss the details.

In any case I wish you the best of luck.

Answered 7 years ago

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