Our annualised revenues are approx $2m USD, so we've already been given estimates by Accountants, legal expert who deals with M&A etc. that are extremely experienced in our field of what we could expect valuation to be. We want to be fair, but not give away more than we need to. Get there maybe a small discount. Possibly other proven angel investors we don't know so well they're keen introduce too (so how could we balance getting the most from this collectively?). How do you best arrive at this?!? (and should we consider e.g. convertible notes, something else as part of this). Thanks!

Safe notes from Y-Combinator are relatively new documents that aim to solve these problems. However if you already have establish an annualized revenue, I'd be tempted to do a straight equity deal. Maybe a anti-dilution kicker.

Answered 5 years ago

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