I'm working on setting up the organizational foundation of my startup (defining my startup's structure and who's in charge of what), but I'm lost because I'm not a management expert. What are the strategies/tools I should use to establish my company's structure?

Hi, so I've been part of multiple startups, successful and "failed". The pattern with most is that the originators of an idea tend to be the ones wanting to be the CEO... If the originator is a team, together you guys need to honestly answer each other questions such as:
1) who handles pressure better?
2) who is COMFORTABLE speaking to random people
3) and able to articulate clever responses and craft a pitch that hits the right spots to a variety of people. (This people could be in some sort of leadership/marketing- the vast majority of a startups effort goes to marketing and development)
4) Who is the technical person available to solve technical (or coding) problems?
5) who can bullshit their way through situations?
6) which one has sales experience? Training? Or management?
7) who is willing to work and earn the equity over a period of 1 or 2 years to be fully vested? Whoever is not, prob aren't as committed and thus shouldn't be on leadership..
8) does the team really need everyone on board full time?
9) putting ego aside, would your mom see you as a leader of others? Can you make tough decisions when needed? Or do you get pushed over?

A startup is an experiment, just because you structure things a certain doesn't mean your stuck with it. It's a mantra for a product and definitely more for the management. sometimes the ideators are not even the best option or is the leader the best CEO.

Best of luck.

Answered 6 years ago

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