I have an etsy and amazon shop and I'm grabbing the data from ship station a week at a time and am realizing that it would take a ton of time to create a weekly breakdown and forcast by manually maping the data out on an excell sheet, but it would be really helpful to have these projections in order to plan our buying and manufactoring, and it would also be fun to project how much cash we may make this year by calculating the difference in our growth.

This isn't what I normally do for clients ... at all.

But I write Excel formulas and custom-code databases every day and have a solid background in statistics.

Sounds like what you're asking could be done in an hour using Excel ... and in such a way that you'd be able to enter future data in the spreadsheet on your own and have it analyzed automatically.

Maybe software exists. Maybe you can hire someone on Fiverr. But if neither of those options works for you and you're willing to overpay someone overqualified for the task, I suppose I could set it up. Might be a nice break from real work!

Answered 8 years ago

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