I am creating the app with Zapporoo and the first two phases haven't Been that much money but I know once we hit programming phase the cost will sky rocket. Just trying to start networking with investors before I get to that point.

As a developer, especially one with experience in the startup world, I get approached all the time by people with ideas they would like to take over the world with :)

The single most important piece of advice I give all of them, and that I would like to offer you is to find a technical co-founder or mentor.

You can get all the advice you want, and there are some incredibly smart and experienced people out there who can help and guide you, but what you really need is someone invested in your success - Either in the business, or invested in you.

In my experience as a Consulting CTO, and one involved with multiple investment rounds, what you need to attract investors is:

1) A technical co-founder or mentor who can help guide you in how best to spend your investment, and who will spearhead the development of an MVP

2) A clear-cut go-to-market strategy that shows your product-market fit, and how you will get your idea to potential customers.

To be absolutely clear, just submitting an app to the app store and hoping it will be a hit is not a GTM strategy - You need to build a community of interested parties who will come into the app store from outside and drive downloads.

I'd be happy to have a quick call with you if you have any specific questions.

Answered 6 years ago

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