Featured products on different platforms. A new startup coming out every 5 seconds. An endless feed on Twitter. Hundreds of newsletters on the email. Interesting articles on Medium and Pocket waiting to be read. What's going on? How to deal with all of this? Whenever I start reading or following entrepreneurs I get this fear of missing out. What should I do?

Well done for noticing what this is doing to you as many people don't.
There is a growing body of neuroscience research indicating that we become less agile mentally and able to think innovatively if we allow the continual distraction of screen feeds to enter our lives.
To me its akin to being punched from several boxers at once.
I set time in my diary for email twice a day and stick to it, I also set time aside for reading books, articles and those things that will grow my knowledge.
As for instant feeds take control of them, ask yourself after looking at each 'has it helped move your business forward? or was it a nice to have piece of info. If the latter get rid of it.

The only time we need instant contact is when we call the police, ambulance etc. Don't mistake the immediacy of the technology for the importance of the message.

Answered 6 years ago

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