Featured products on different platforms. A new startup coming out every 5 seconds. An endless feed on Twitter. Hundreds of newsletters on the email. Interesting articles on Medium and Pocket waiting to be read. What's going on? How to deal with all of this? Whenever I start reading or following entrepreneurs I get this fear of missing out. What should I do?

The same way as you used to excel in that one subject in your School/College despite having so many of them. You need know where your passion lies. To go from Point A to Point B you can either chose a public transport, book a cab, drive your own four wheeler, chose to bike around, or may walk-on. The choice depends on so many parameters, isn't it? But you manage to cut through the choice overload.

The same applies to information surrounding you. You need to chose the right vehicle than trying to hop each one of them. News stays same, just the channels vary. Wisdom lies not in trying to gain every piece of information but trimming the already acquired ones.

Answered 6 years ago

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