Featured products on different platforms. A new startup coming out every 5 seconds. An endless feed on Twitter. Hundreds of newsletters on the email. Interesting articles on Medium and Pocket waiting to be read. What's going on? How to deal with all of this? Whenever I start reading or following entrepreneurs I get this fear of missing out. What should I do?

Information overload is about too many demands being placed on your attention.

If you have FOMO or are having a hard time managing the pace, the best thing is to go the other way for a while - just stop everything completely.

No social media. No news. No email newsletters.

Just process what you have to for your business, and ignore everything else.

If there is something really, truly, world-changingly important... someone will tell you. That's the beauty of today's connected world.

And once you've reached this zen-like absence of information for a while... now you can start selectively adding things back in. Reactivate your Twitter. Then maybe your Pocket account.

Having gone in the other direction for a while you'll be able to accurately gauge what you really need to pay attention to - and what you don't.

Answered a year ago

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