I'm getting involved in a venture with my business partner where we're starting to make decision as to where we'll base the startup, and it's looking like I may have to move to another city for the best interest of the company, however I'm in a personal relationship with a life partner which may not be able to move with me. Discussions with my business partner are leading towards: "We'll have to seek funding from VC's who are willing to increase your salary to accommodate for your back and forth travel needs." Is this possible? Or is my business partner dreaming of such outcome to become reality for the situation? If such accommodations can be made by investors, by how much are they willing to increase salaries?

There can't be more amateur thing than to think that an investor is out there to fund you for meeting your personal and material needs. You aren't the first one to fall in that cauldron of Catch 22 situation wherein the personal emotions is taking over the professional maturity. That's where one needs to have a EQ to be able to maintain the balance.

You can afford to live apart from your life partner for a while to build a better future for both of you. You can't afford to compromise with your future to live with your life partner in present. I don't know which part of world you belong to, but I see such problems day in and day out in the part of world I live.

Let me know if there's something that might require discussion between us. All the best!!

Answered 6 years ago

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