First of all, this is not me asking for legal advice. I'm aware that the law has its own experts and individual cases. This is just an inquiry on something I don't know if it's possible or not. I've been passionate about primitive marketing essentials since I was a little child. This passion has transformed in university to what's called entrepreneurship. I always get excited about new ideas. I can feel the blood rushing into my brain whenever I think about taking risks or choosing a road filled with uncertain endeavors. Every time I think about starting up something, (Let's not even call it a startup; let's call it an experiment) I get struck with harsh realities, including that I'm living in a place where there's no potential really for emerging businesses. You can name lots of factors to start with, but a small fact like that sometimes during the whole day we suffer from severe electricity cutoffs should be enough. Now, I don't know what to do. I've been trying to make this whole thing work (transferring my passion into a reality through working hard) and I've failed more than once. The circumstances are simply against me. Now a decision may seem appropriate for my case, which is getting out and establishing a business in Silicon Valley, but we all know it's hard to get there, considering that there's no immigration law for Entrepreneurs (even ones backed by an investment) My question here is: Any suggestions? Is there any hint I'm not aware of that can make the transition to SV easier/doable? What's the first step I should take?

I personally think, that you no need to move away from the third country.
There are many good business models what works very well in developing countries.

I give you below one of the best business model for newbie entrepreneurs, no matter from where you are from.

In my opinion, if someone willing to start the business and he or she have no previous experiences in business, marketing, then that person need to start with this kind of business what will let him learn and get valuable skills and experiences without big risks and potential losses if you fail.

Also, I would point out t the nr.1 reason, why soo many new businesses fail.
It's because the new entrepreneur will fall in love with his/her unique product/idea. He/she believes soo strongly that his idea is soo great and the market will love his idea same way as he does.

But usually after newbies entrepreneurs implemented his unique idea, then they will face the hard truth, that market don't like their idea or product, or there is no actual demand.

So, in my opinion, for newbies they should not start their first business with their own unique idea, instead of at first place, they should start this kind of business that don't need a unique business idea and its clear, that there is demand already.

Here is one very great option available for newbies.

Its import-export business

This type of business I will guarantee that you will:

You learn different business fields and sectors.
You will practice all needed skills what you need in business
You will get new connections
You will get many new ideas for your next projects because you will deal with different businesses.
You no need a unique business idea, just need the profitable product.
This business will be your springboard to your next projects!
You no need to invest in product creation, inventory, production, software, etc.
So, import-export business has a lot of benefits, and it's very suitable for newbies.
Import export business you can start with very small money and the only thing with what you risk in this business is your own time, but not the big amount of money.

I started that type of business about 10 years ago, and I am very satisfied, that I made that choice,

Also, the Import-export business is universal, and people can do it in every country, and the actual steps and process is same no matter where you located, in India or in the developed world.

For developing countries, its usually smart and better to start with exporting to developed countries, like Europe, USA

For developed countries like UK, European countries, USA, Canada, its usually smart to start importing into their country.

I have special courses for both people, Developed, and developing countries, check below, and u can join

Also, this kind of business has big profit potential, and the whole world can be your market

There are two main forms of import-export business.
1. Direct import-export. Here you buy products directly, and you will also sell them. Or you will export product directly.

2. Import-export agent. Here you no need big money, you work like a matchmaker, who will bring buyers and sellers together. You will sign commission agreements, and you will get your fee as commission. This is the best starting point for newbies!

So, why to choose import-export business?

I like this business because it can be a lifestyle. Imagine that you are traveling in different countries and at the same time making money and signing commission agreements? So amazing!
You will create international contacts and make new friends.
Big profit potential and growth potential.
It can be a small business, what you can do at home, you can do it on the go, or it can 100% online business as well. It's up to you.
The world is more open then ever before! There are so many choices what you can import or export. The free trade is here to stay!
Prestige and Freedom.
There are much more…

So, as a conclusion, I really suggest for all newbies to start their own import-export business. It's really great starting point for you.

Of course, its not easy to get started, you need right and updated knowledge to be successful in this business.

P. S I am helping newbies get started with import-export business from scratch.

I also offer private mentoring.

Contact with me and I will help you to get started!

Answered 4 years ago

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