Should I take on a single social platform - facebook, insta, twitter - should I focus on SEO for google or google PPC - should I post across the blogosphere. I know pretty much nothing, but would love to start writing, sharing, and building an online business for myself. From my research so far, it seems a lot of success has come from simply building a major following on twitter or instagram and then leveraging that for monetizing opportunities.

I agree with everyone's suggestions. Success is going to come to your business based upon the solution you are providing to your clients' problems. Having a coach to guide you along this path is the best way to get started. It made all the difference in the world for my business.

It's so important to get clear on:

1. Who is your ideal client?
2. What problems do they have which need solutions?
3. What solutions can you provide them?
4. How do you plan to provide these solutions? (information products, videos, audios, ebooks, consulting, guides, tips)
5. Where does your ideal client like to hang out online? Maybe they are on FB but not on Instagram or Twitter.
6. Do you have a marketing strategy?
7. Have you communicated with + asked your ideal clients what they want?

Some of my ideal clients are on Twitter but for the most part Twitter is helping me build partnership growth opportunities for my business. Most of my ideal clients are tucked away in private Facebook groups. Joining these groups allows me to communicate with them, ask them what would be helpful to them, and immediately grow my business providing solutions. It's a win-win for everyone, and you feel confident with your products/solutions.

So, it really is important to do your research on your ideal client FIRST and then decide what social media platforms best suit your business efforts. Hope this helps, I'm here to help if you have further questions. You're on the right track by asking questions, you've already got a success mindset! ~ Cherie

Answered 5 years ago

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