Hi, we sell digital media products (video, audio, etc.) and will be exhibiting at the National Association of Broadcasters for the first time this year. We are a small company with a tight tradeshow budget and looking for ideas on how to market ourselves to booth visitors. I think giving away something like a USB dongle or even DVD with our product on it will likely be out of the budget and I am not sure if that's even a good idea since the customer would theoretically not even visit our website. So, welcoming any thoughts on something creative and interesting we can do that won't break the bank?

Increasing your effectiveness at a trade show has very little to do with spending more and everything to do with what you and your team actually do while you are in your booth. In my experience, 90% of exhibitors mill around the booth passing out tchotchkes and chewing the fat with whoever stops by their booth.

Next, they lament over how ineffective the show was and wonder if they passed out more expensive items or bought a new booth or threw more parties their results would improve. So, they do this and experience the same results year after year until they come to the conclusion the "trade shows don't work"

The KEY to making it work is having a structured approach to interactions with attendees. Do this right and you will generate more leads that you ever thought possible. I'm talking a 5-10x increase.

I've written a book on this subject and you may have a copy if you email me at

The main point of the model are four steps that I call the "Four Core Arts of the Trade Show Samurai". They are:

1. The Art of Engagement: how you use eye contact and body positioning to get people into your booth to talk.

2. The Art of Intrigue: how you use rehearsed sales messages to get the attendees interest.

3. The Art of Inquiry: how you ask the right questions so you can understand the potential value of the lead. (You will capture this information on a Lead Card (, the single MOST IMPORTANT tool you can have at a show.

4. The Art of Disengagement: how to end the conversation gracefully so you can move to the next person.

Using these steps you will capture hundreds of leads at your next show.

I would be happy to explain these to you or you can read the book I'll send you or you can take a look at


Answered 7 years ago

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