I'm partnering with a licensed insurance agent to open an Allstate agency in Michigan in the second half of this year. I am not, nor plan on getting licensed. I'm investing the $75K+ required by Allstate to startup the agency. Can a separate business entity own the agency? What are my options? Thanks in advance!

Hello, My name is Wes Graham and I have experience on various levels with entities. The best option for you really is to work this company's free consultation. They know how to use sophisticated combinations of entities and even know which state one would most benefit from. Nevada is particularly beneficial for business liability protection. Litigation favors the business in Nevada. As well as taking your earning from the business and placing them into a trust separating your personal and business assets like Donald Trump does. His very large real estate businesses went bankrupt twice yet both times he make millions and kept them out of bankruptcy while others were left with nothing but a potential tax write off. Do do real estate deals with Donald trump. Separate personal and business assets by never using your personal assets to fund your business. The law treats you very shabbily and your entity is null and void in respect to keeping your personal assents from being taken from you. I can help you build business credit for free and easily attain a loan the amount you are investing. From their website you will see how fortunate you are to have found there services. The quick answer to you question is yes you can easily set up a separate Business entity that owns an agency, And you should by all means. You can get a low cost entity formed but that is penny wise and pound foolish. If you don't conform your entity is of no use. Have it reviewed once a year. I send my clients to this company and always with top performance and valid entities. I even pay for close friends of mine who own successful businesses, who happen to be Attorneys so that they are afford all the amazing benefits and protection. I feel it is my duty to do so, You can even get trusts formed with this company. An irrevocable life insurance trust is a very good option for particular conditions some client present. You could easily get up to speed with this company if they do them and set up a phone consultation so that they can make an informed decision and you can close another deal on the same clients, and feel real good knowing you enhanced your clients and with the best service
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Answered 5 years ago

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