Looking for strategies for OTA management, Email Marketing, Local / Meta Search, Re-Targetting, and any other areas that I need to include to bring more Bookings to this Hotel.

Before you start marketing, take a hard look at what you're marketing.

On a scale of Junk to Ideal, how professional is the hotel website's domain name?

With many marketing channels – Google, Radio, TV, word-of-mouth – you're actually drawing attention to the URL / domain. So you're depending on it creating a better-than-average impression, remaining memorable, and leading toward ambiguity-free direct navigation.

So if the domain is inferior, any marketing efforts are likely to underperform relative to what they might have accomplished. Many businesses fail to account for this long-term effect, and they achieve success by compensating with extra marketing expenses in other areas.

Maybe the hotel already built their website on the ideal domain and also controls adjacent domain properties for lead generation and brand positioning.

Most companies don't.

If there's room for doubt, then it's worth a 10-15 minute call to make sense of options, set priorities, etc.

Answered 5 years ago

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