I need to draw traffic to my website, and I don't really want/have time to write blog posts. Google adwords seems to work pretty well, but I have not managed to utilize Facebook very well. Since I'm selling a B2B service, I feel it's difficult to engage people on Facebook.

Three great ways to increase traffic. 1) Start an affiliate program. By doing this your links will be on websites which tend to raise your page rank. The higher the commission the more advertisers of your product you will get. 2) Create FIVE new domains and do 1 page websites. These five new domains will be searchable domains versus brandable domains. Let me explain. Brandable is Most people know it's insurance, but you would never know that by it's name. A searchable domain would be This may be an active domain, but it's an example. When people do their searching they tend to you the word BEST & LOGO in their search. So you job is you need FIVE searchable domains that capture that market. Here are a few examples of how I would do it. Keep in mind they may be taken, but you have to think outside the box. And before I list these domains off the top of my head my disclosure to you is this. I own close to 1000 doimains. My main business website received 90% LESS business than my searchable domains. Read that again. My main domain does not produce me my business. My searchable domains produce the most business and because they have the key words they are searching in the domain I tend to be on the first page within 1 to 3 days of starting the website. So here are some ideas.,,,, (city specific),,, 3) Every time you do job you should post that logo to your website, you should always have the buyer of the logo give you feedback and post that feedback, ask them to like your facebook page, get a linkedin account. It's the facebook for the business world. I have a template based email I send to every customer. 90% respond and give a glowing report. The other 10% don't check their emails or hate using the internet. I know these numbers because I use bananatag to see if they are getting the emails and approximately 10% are not opened. I said three, but let me give you one more. Find every website that allows you to post your business on the net for free. MerchantCircle, Craigslist, BackPage, etc. Good Luck. B

Answered 7 years ago

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