There is no yes or no answer to this, risking sounding cliche but is mostly because it really does this depend on how good you are at pitching and how great is the idea and your ability/current resources to pull it off.
Is not unheard of ideas being funded, i think this is mostly through personal networks not through certified group angels, etc.

Things to consider:
The government now requires you to have a sort of investment request license that you have to apply for if you want to pitch publicly. - to strangers/investors/angels
check out: Steve Jobs Presentation Secrets (available through audible too) is great!
Try to go for family members. Even if is in the form of preorders. This helps you get a bit of cash for legal or dev expenses but also allows you to keep equity and show third osrties thst you have preorders (this at the end of the day when you are pitching is worth a lot!)

So go get some preorders before anything and with that you can better leverage potential investments :)

Answered 7 years ago

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