Would like to help people market their services through photography, facebook content, market research, etc. Want to make it low risk so will use the money they make to fund the next investment. Initially I will make an investment in time to get the ball rolling

Helping people market their business is always a good business model. The hiccup you may run into is the value you bring and the price you can charge.

One of my passions, for example, is helping small business owners with marketing their business; the problem is that I can charge X per hour, based on my demand, but those I am most passionate about helping can only afford Y.

You want to provide a low-risk offer to these customers, I assume "low-risk" to be a low dollar amount initially. This traps you into a low margin or low hourly rate (unless you systemize or automate this process).

I'd love to talk more -- sorry your question was pending for so long without a response.


Answered 6 years ago

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