A friend was procrastinating making calls to various business to collect pricing information and details. To help him along, made a list of all prospects and proceeded to patch him through via a three way call (acted like an operator). I took notes and helped provide feedback at the end of the call. WOULD LOVE TO HELP MORE PEOPLE IN A SIMILAR WAY. Do my services sound like a help for market research, or rather a new take on an accountability partner. Would love any feedback as to how to make this a functioning business model. Thank you for your time

This is a great coaching process; I had help hundreds of people to sell to new customers. Usually I was seating on their side participating as a support person for them, taking notes and watching how the conversation went. I always wanted to tape the conversation, but this was not done because requires the authorization of the customer, that do not know my role and less that my mentee was under training. I wonder if you make it as an open sales training session to disclose to the potential customer in the same way that a call center tell you about the recording of the conversation and you help your customers thru a website that create the sales feedback training process.

For me sound great a idea, that needs some work to find the best way to go.

Answered 5 years ago

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