I have a business with the potential to reach a global market and feel that I will need expertise more than investment to take it to the next level. Where ideally do you start initial conversations?

There is a famous saying in Silicon Valley "if you ask for moeny you will get advice, ask for advice and you will get money".

With this said, I'm a strong believer that is more important to get the right investor than to get a good valuation or a lot of $$. Money is the same everywhere, green. So what you should focus is in:
-Did this investor (or firm) actually knows about my market
-Have they invested in companies in the same industry/sector
-Have they invested in competitors? In future clients? In future partners?
-Do they have expertise in the technology in using? Do they know people that do? (PhD, others ex entrepreneurs ~ possible mentors)

All this questions would help you filter BEFORE you start looking and even approaching investors, which will save you time and frustration. Once you have done this filter/research, there are several tips to move forward.

I wrote one trick here:

My friend and CEO, wrote a great post here:

My advice applies to everywhere, Hernan's is more focus to Silicon Valley. This should help you start. Good luck !!

Answered 6 years ago

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