I've had 2 startups, both bootstrapped and by myself. A learn as you go type experience. I've finally landed on a new business idea that has huge potential and I'm looking to put together a serious team... There is one catch. I live in the middle of no where. Closest city is 25 minutes away with a population of 100k. Is it feasible to look for a cofounder online as well as a team?

It is most definitely feasible; it is always best to look at example of teams / co-founder who are doing what you want to do and the tools they are using.

Automattic and the team behind WordPress power 23% of all websites on the internet with a team of 300 mostly spread around the world:

They created their own WP theme (P2-Themed) to organize the teams thoughts instead of email.

I am in the process of listening to a great podcast with the founder Matt Mullenweg where he talks about his tools and how he built the team and how they work remotely. Check it out:

Do let being remote stop you from forming an effective team.

Answered 6 years ago

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